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The Journey Soundtrack CD


A New Sound
The Soundtrack for The Journey
The concept for the musical score began with Director Harish Saluja’s love of the classical music of his native India and his fascination with music from around the world. New York Composer/Arranger Chris Hughes gathered an eclectic group of musicians to perform the compositions he had written, or to improvise on century old Ragas under the direction of both Saluja and himself.
The result is a soundtrack that has music representing 4 continents:

  • Ragas of India performed on the bansuri (bamboo flute), harmonium and tabla
  • European sounds of Mozart, a Chopinesque piano and the Spanish/gypsy sound of classical guitar and violins
  • American Contemporary Jazz of electric guitar, fretless bass, drum set and synthesizer with world beat percussion and bansuri
  • Hushed and melancholic sounds of Brazil on a nylon string guitar accompanying a Portuguese song.