Miniature Paintings

“I am the proud owner of two Harish Saluja’s originals paintings. They hang in my living room on each side of my front door. I cannot count how many compliments I have received from guests and not a day passes that they do not give me joy. They are each very small in size only about 3×5, yet they somehow feel infinite. You get lost in thought as your eye wanders through the layers of beautiful and vibrant color. They are quite magical!”

Kristine Masta

“I own a number of Mr. Saluja’s smaller pieces, displaying them both as grouped wall art, and table-top items. People are drawn to them because they’re so different and colorful. They can’t resist getting up close to see the intricate details of his work. Of all my art, they are the most consistently mentioned in day to day conversation.”

Bill Greene

“Vibrant and dynamic, Harish’s minis are some of my most valued possessions. They are small, passionate works of art, which have become a favorite expression of joy I like to share with friends and family.  I feel extremely lucky to own a number of these one-of-a-kind pieces, as each one is an amazing creation, unique in content and substance.”

Holly Bradshaw Schweitzer