Available Paintings

All the paintings are oil on linen canvas.
For more information contact: Info@newray.com

“Saluja paints three to five hours every day, and has been known to dance with joy over a felicitous happening at the easel. Viewers might just feel that way too.”

Harry Schwalb, Pittsburgh Magazine

“There is a pattern and a repetition that strengthens that pattern in his work. The vibrancy of the raga Saluja wants to depict is brought out in the colors that bring alive the starkness of the desert, the beauty of the night, the flowing music of the river, or the dazzling rainstorms the raga is about.”

Nandini Pal, Indian Post

“There are overall paintings. Their compositions are bound by edges of the canvas, but like music, could easily spill into your world.”

Bill Homisak, WQED

“Like Pollock’s paintings, Saluja’s balance chaos and control in a sophisticated and completely American art form. They are, like the man himself, an interesting hybrid of Eastern and Western cultures.”

Pat Lowry, Pittsburgh Press

“His paintings are visual music, inspired by the colors, emotions and textures of the wondrous ragas.”

Lavina Melwani, The Films of Lilttle India