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Fashion Handbags

From the canvas to your closet

A Union of Art and Fashion.

A new fashion line of unique handbags, each with an original painting

Every bag contains an actual piece of art: an original abstract miniature painting.

The high-quality, sophisticated handbags are cruelty free (using vegan leather).
Each purse is versatile – it can either be a clutch or a shoulder.

The miniature paintings are small (3×5 inches) gem-like abstract explosions of color. Infused with complexities, the intricate patterns and bold colors energize the works and engage the viewer.

These fashion handbags are a convergence of art and fashion, style and practicality. Classic, black, and elegant, the style seamlessly shifts from day to evening. It easily holds the essentials like your cell phone and wallet and has an optional strap for versatility.

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